Hi I'm Praneeth

What are you working on these days?

I'm working on two tools:
1. A tool to launch and maintain personal blogs for people who like minimal things
2. A second brain productivity tool called Sidebrain (

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

Feedback on products, and unblocking me when I'm struck in my journey. References to freelancers, and tactical marketing and coding help.  

What can you help others with?

I'm a full stack developer, and a UX designer. I can help with front end and design

Love what you are working on Praneeth. Some of your thinking overlaps an adjacent problem I discovered this past year and implemented into my journaling app.

Hey Mayur! that's amazing!
I struggle to celebrate my little wins, and your app gave me some extra push to celebrate them more

Cool. Thats great to hear. I'm working on a new version this year - Mac native. The cloud version isn't "perfect" yet.