Hi, I’m Georgy — interface designer & (no-code) developer 👋🏻


Hey guys, I’m new here! 👋🏻

My name is Georgy — a solopreneur, bootstrapper, interface designer, and (no-code) developer, but I just build sites at the end of the day 😅

Sevan lake, Armenia

What are you working on these days?

I’m currently building an unlimited design/development subscription that I want to 95% automate at some point.

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

To be honest, I want to receive as much feedback as I can, and maybe someone will roast my product/website too, haha 🫠

If I can get a lead somehow, then it’ll be super-duper amazing!

What can you help others with?

I believe I’m quite knowledgeable in the no-code market, so if others need any info regarding the market, then I’ll be glad to share it!

Additionally, I’m a Webflow expert and Figma aficionado, hence I can help folks with website design and development. I’ve built ~20 projects for clients, plus a few sites of mine. Also, I’ve redesigned a browser extension for anime/manga fans — MAL-Sync.

I possess a lot of knowledge regarding gaming and anime, any founders making products in these fields can reach out to me for a help. Furthermore, I’ve studied linguistics (though I dropped out from the uni) and I love languages, so I can help with translation/localization. Since I’m from a second-world (?) country, I can assist and explain the realities of developing countries’ economies and why parity pricing is important.

Basically, ask me anything about what I do and who I am, and I’m sure I’ll be able to help somehow — at least point to a right direction!

Something else you want to share?

TL;DR: My personal story so far — read it if you want to learn more about the struggles indie devs with zero-budget face with.

  This is how Shenzhen looked in February 2020.  

My journey started after I moved back from China (I lived for more than a year in Luoyang and Shenzhen) to my home country in February 2020 due to the outbreak and visa expiration.

  Sometimes I went to a nearby well to fill canisters with water. Village life in a nutshell.

I’ve thought that the outbreak won’t last long, so I just played games, watched movies and anime, and didn’t do much else. Four months later, I realized the outbreak will not end soon, so I thought it was a great moment to start doing what I always wanted to do — design and development. Many solopreneurs, bootstrappers, and other indie makers inspired me. Obviously, one of them (probably the biggest) was ☒.

My first project was a personal website. The design got roasted quite hard, but, hey, it was my first design work!

I just wanted to make cool products, didn’t want to have a huge startup and worry about investments and all other complicated stuff — just me, my products and my customers.

The journey won’t be simple.

Gonna be transparent here: I didn’t have many savings back then, so I lived with my mom. The path was difficult. I had fights with her because I didn’t go to a low-paid job just to find means to support a family somehow. I believed that I’ll reach success relatively soon — ~1 year later, I got my first project, a landing page for about $300, which was quite enough for me at the moment.

Bizarre attempt to make PSVITA behave like a Nintendo Switch.

Zelenograd, Russia

Half a year time skip: I got a fixed payment project, did it and agreed on an hourly basis model, but sold hours as a bundle. Moved to the capital to a fight with my mom because, probably, we were just tired at that point — gladly, we resolved it quite fast.

Moscow, Russia.

I’ve made a bunch of projects for the aforementioned client, got a few others, and… the war between Russia and Ukraine erupted. My main client stopped the projects because his company’s clients left the country — most of them huge international brands such as Coca-Cola. I didn’t have much going on, projects wise.

Asked my uncle to lend me money, so I can buy a new laptop (that I always wanted!) because my old one’s display was broken. It was super nice getting my hands on a device that I could dream using before.

Since I didn’t want to participate in the massacre, I moved to a nearby country where I had relatives — Armenia (I’m half Armenian).

Yerevan, Armenia.

Time skip to these days: I’ve completed about 20 projects, and decided to move to the next step — stop being a mere freelancer and become a full-fledged solopreneur. Finally, the time to make my own product has come.

So I’m building the subscription that I mentioned in the beginning of the post.

I started to work on the project on September 11, 2021 — maybe even earlier. However, real work started only between August–December 2022. Talking about consistency, ay?

Conclusion: was my journey hard so far? Undeniably yes.

This is how I worked during my first week in Armenia — I lived in a hotel owned by my step-brother, who allowed me and my GF to live there while we are looking for an apartment.

But I’ve learned a lot of cool stuff and enjoying what I like even though, to be honest, I don’t have quite enough cash flow to call myself at least a middle class person. Most people would claim that I’m living above the poverty line, LMAO, but that’s fine since I see the potential and opportunities on the horizon.

I just want to reach a ramen positive cash flow and build cool stuff, earning more money and making new friends along the way.

Would I recommend this journey to someone else? No, unless you have enough savings to sustain your lifestyle for at least 6-months — better 1–2 years. If you have a job and want to deep dive into all this indie stuff, then, mate, don’t — keep your job and do stuff in your free time. It might be difficult, quite a lot actually, but hey, at least you can feed yourself and your family.

Quite a scenic view out of the apartment’s window where I live right now.

You might look at me and say that I achieved at least something, and I’m doing pretty good — if so, then wake the F-up. Where did you see it? I’m trying to be as transparent as I can, and I always say things aren’t simple, actually, quite difficult. Do you really want to have the same journey as I did? My current mental state might be in shambles — is that good? Of course not.

So think twice before joining my journey. But if you do it, then let me know — I hope we’ll make a good connection, and I’ll be able to help you somehow 💖

The end. Of this post, not journey.

I’m on Twitter →

P.S: I’ve made such a long-long story about myself in hope that it’ll be of use to some newcomers. I consider myself a beginner anyway, so the experience should be helpful somehow.

I’m gonna revisit this post 1 year later and, well, tell the second part — what happened next 🧑🏻‍💻

A bit shy that the post is so long — not sure if it’s fine to make such intro posts on WIP. Let me know if I need to change it! 🫠

welcome! and that's an awesome story ; althought some pics are not visible. Wishing you amazing things to come 💪

Thanks for kind words! I hope this year will be dazzlin’ 😅

Can you please explain what do you mean by “some pics are not visible” — like they didn’t load for you because I see them just fine in the post?

i tried 2 different browsers; about half of your pics are not loading for me. Not sure why

Damn, strange. I’ll contact Marc about the issue.

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Hey Alejandro, I did update the photos — hope you’ll like ’em 😅

Thank you, and love them ! Thanks for sharing. Really cool story.