Hey I'm Tyler 👋 Building a collaborative audio recorder for musicians

What are you working on these days?

I recently quit my job to go all in on what was a year long side project - Prototape. It's a collaborative audio recorder and looper for musicians, all in the browser.


I've got 40 users in the free beta right now. Sign up is currently hidden from the homepage but I'm opening it to the public Sept 1st. I'll include the sign up link in this post if you'd like to try it out before then 🙂

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

- If you're a musician, I'd love your feedback on Prototape. Please feel free to join the free beta and try it out 🧡

- If you've ever offered discounted subscriptions during a beta to increase runway, would be great to hear your experience.

Beyond that, I'm just happy to be in a community of other makers. Twitter is fun and all but the engagement can be pretty meh.

What can you help others with?

I've been a full-time developer since 2018 with experience primarily in Elixir, TypeScript, and a bit of Rust. I've been a musician for much longer, I play guitar, some piano, and I can sing. I'm also pretty experienced with sound production - my favourite DAW is Reason but I also really like Ableton.

If you need help with anything relevant to that stuff, just let me know!

Something else you want to share?

Thank you to ☒ for inviting me to WIP! 🙏

Welcome on board, @tyler! And best of luck
with your endeavor 🍀. I’m terrible at music, so I admire those of you who can actually play an instrument. Someday I’ll take guitar lessons (and post them as todos here on WIP 😜). BTW, The name “Prototape” sounds really catchy to me!

Thanks mate! Yeah, I'm pretty happy with the name 😁 unfortunately someone is squatting the .com but, oh well. You should totally learn guitar, it is never too late and always worth it!

Hey Tyler, nice to see you around 👋

It was a pleasure to invite you. Your project looks promising 🤩

I already shared it with some of my musician best friends 😄

Good luck and let me know if you need any help!

Legend! Thanks for sharing, I'll be quick on the invites for any waitlisters ✌️