Hello from Gloom!


I'm building Gloom because creating and remixing memes could be way more fun, and WAY more easy. It's been a long time in memeworld since the reign of the top text / bottom text memes -- variations in layout and design are more complicated than ever. First you need to find a template (good luck), then be savvy enough with Photoshop or another image editing software to make the meme your own. This process could take an evening. No bueno.

Gloom will be an intuitive meme creation platform that makes it fun to create, find, or remix memes.

With Gloom's meme studio, you can drag and drop all different kinds of elements onto your meme canvas. Everything is highly customizable, and we've researched meme layouts extensively to prioritize new layout and element features that will make Gloom do everything you want it to.

Since all memes created in Gloom are taggable templates (unless they are set to private), theyre immediately available for other people to use and remix. You can even vote on meme templates, and in the future we hope to show you the week or days hottest meme templates.

If you find a template you like, youre brought right into Gloom's meme studio where you can remix the meme to your hearts content.