For non-native English speakers, how do you write your content in natural English?

Because I'm a non-native English speaker, I'm not sure about my writing.

Content written in natural English converts better than unnatural content. People engage better with your content when it's written in natural English.

Before I publish my content, I have it checked on several grammar checkers. e.g. Pro Writing Aid, Ginger, Hemingway. But there's still wrong syntax and collocations.

The best solution is definitely hiring proofreaders. The problem is it costs $$$ if all my content has to get proofread.

I'd like to how you solve this with your English writing.

I run Grammarly on the background when I write. This help a lot to improve the writing.

Yup and the web app gives you a 'grade' so u can evaluate your writing :)

Thank you for answering! Is it like a Hemingway app? Do you think Grammarly is more accurate?

Hi, Patrick! Thank you for the tips :D
I cancelled Grammarly long time ago, but I will give it a try it again! Thank you!

<brag>Idk, somehow I'm fluent in English. So much so that people automatically assume I'm American 🤷🏻‍♂️</brag>
But I've heard Grammarly is pretty good. Or if you have native speaker friends, let them proofread stuff for ypu

Hi Max! I'm kinda jealous that you speak that frequently as a non-native speaker😂

I grew up in a country where you don't need to speak foreign languages at all. The grammatical structure of our language is completely different from English. So it's very hard for me to write/speak in English... O.K. Enough of weeping.

Thank you for your advice anyway. I don't have close enough friends who can read my long English writing every week. So I decided to ask for a gig to a Fiverr proof-reader. English natives' proofreading rate for non-English natives is average 40USD/1000 words. It cost a bit too much to me, but I must take it as an investment.

It was the same for me - I grew up in Russia, probably the least English speaking country in the world 🙈

Well, you should visit Japan😉 Probably I should visit Russia and see how it is, though.

This article has some solutions…

Basically I'm non-native too but it takes a lot of practice & maybe English TV Shows & Movies have helped me a lot. But other than that, its all about the practice. Native speakers speak fluently because they have practiced a lot so it all comes down to practice. Do it everyday & you'll get better :)

Thank you Akshay!

I also took a long time, too. 6 years of active learning in junior high and high school. And 10 years of learning on-the go with traveling, movies, TV shows and music.

Native speakers speak fluently because they have practiced a lot, so it all comes down to practice.

Yeah, you're totally right.
More than likely I need 10 more years to practice 😿

Thank you for the link, by the way! I web-scraped and bookmarked it!
After all, I decided to work with a proofreader for a while. It will be a lot of money, I'll take it as an investment.

You're welcome :)

I personally think you speak way better than me & way better than you think after reading your answers here but congrats on getting a proof-reader 🙌

I wish you all the best on the journey 👍