Feedback Wanted: Pricing page for Optimize Toolset

Hi 👋, I'm Ryan and I am building Optimize Toolset (, a service that lets you setup automated tasks to run against your site(s). The first task offered will be automated Lighthouse Tests, to test the performance, accessibility and SEO of your site.

I’ve started to work on the Pricing page and defining the initial plans that I plan to offer to customers, but I’m not 100% sure if these makes sense, if it’s too much info/options, or if I’m focusing on the wrong value props. Any feedback, insights or advice you could share would be much appreciated.

And, if you want to test it out on your sites and projects, subscribe to either the newsletter or using the PH Ship widget, as I’m slowly inviting more people to use the product before it’s officially live.


The barter option is interesting. Would like to see if that works. I would however suggest reducing the number of plans, and maybe putting the barter option on a separate page. Congrats, on trying something different with this.

Thanks! Yeah, I think the Barter thing could be interesting. Curious to see how many people reach out regarding it.

About the number of plans, I’ve been struggling to figure out what makes sense. I want to display enough lower-priced plans to make it feel accessible, while still showing some higher-tiered plans to reinforce that it can scale with your team or project needs. But, I totally hear you, in this instance less could be more.