Feedback on my watching guide service

Hello WIPers,

I need your input on

Ever since the service was launched, there has been a consistent number of visitors who regularly use the website. Recently we achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 75,000 lookups conducted on the website.

For those of you who are into movies and tv shows, I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Does the service seem useful for you? Are there any specific features you would like to see? Your input is really important, so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts with me!

Checking where can I watch some tv/movie is something that I would occasionally use. Having feature to track tv shows I watch and when is new episodes released would be useful to visit every other day.

Thank you for your feedback! Keeping track of shows & movies watched and upcoming is something I'd like to integrate.

Looks good! Agreed with the other comment.

In terms of features I'm always staggered by how often me or others are trying to find how / where to watch live sports on TV / online - whether it's the local football team or the US open, licensing often makes it impossible to know / find / find free streams / know which apps do which etc. Might not be your focus at all (totally understandable) but sport could be a feature.

Thanks for the feedback! Adding sports is a really great idea! It might be tricky to get reliable data sources though. I'll look into it.

Yeah I can imagine - probably why it's a mess out there at the moment as there's so many changes per country. But if you manage to reliably fix this problem - let me know! There will be a lot of traffic 🤣