Feedback for web3 music player app

We just launched our alpha and are looking for testers + feedback. At the moment it's a small niche music player app with awesome musicians all part of the small but quickly growing web3 music NFT community.

iOS only atm, but soon on other platforms

  • I like the old school UI, but it doesn't seem consistent. For example the fading in/out of the buttons feels too modern. If you're going for this retro aesthetic you need to go all the way.
  • Loading of a song can take a few seconds (depending on internet speed I guess), but there's no indicator that it's loading
  • It feels like just a regular app with some random mp3s. If there's a benefit to it being blockchain-based, show it. If the files are loaded from IPFS etc, please give me a peek behind the scenes so I understand why it's cool
  • No genres to choose from?
  • The "connect" page feels sloppily designed. But if you're going to ask people to connect their wallet you should inspire confidence
  • How am I supposed to scan a QR code that's shown on my phone screen? 😅 (let me connect with Rainbow/Metamask apps directly)

thanks for the feedback! planning to fix all those things.

the connect page is def temporary/intended to be replaces and the QR code is actually for sharing the app with friends, not for wallet connect so i guess that's confusing.

We do actually have walletconnect working -> you can connect in your Collection playlist

Re "peek behind the scenes", definitely important. The app is being tested with people that are already from the web3/nft space so it's clear for them but thinking about this story and ideas for how to tell it and peek behind for non-crypto people is something we need to think about further