Feedback aka roast my product

Hey WIP,

I worked on this for a few weeks and I need serious feedback. Please tell me why it sucks, what is wrong or why it will fail!


Product: #metrics /

This is not the first feedback round. I already asked on a few subreddits to work out the very rough edges. That lead to 3 signups, a value proposition and more text on the landing page.

On my feature-todo-list:
  • API-Access
  • Annotations / what happened on that date
  • very few other forms of graphs (keeping it simple)
  • a „create your 2018 report“ feature
Cheers, Tammo


Landing page:
- I wondered what was the source of the data: manual or from other services (Stripe, Google Analytics...)
- text under each headline would be easier to read in dark grey

- charts and UI are beautiful 👍
- I have an endless spinner in "Add verified traffic from Google"
- I didn't understand directly what the sharable URL is the same as the admin one
- public dashboard page include too much elements for me (login + create your open dashboard + "Do you want your own dashboard like this..." + footer link)

As a potential user: 9€/month for a page without whitelabel is too expensive.

Hey thanks for the feedback. Directly changed the text color. I’ll address the other issues in the next version!
Do you mean that its not obvious that the dashboard view is the public view?

Pricing is kind of random at the moment. Need to figure that out. Im pretty sure to charge every user (after a free trial) right away. Whitelabel and API access is on my before-launch-list.

Front-page loads quick!

I think the charts could be more baller (visually attractive)

As for the idea, I like the dashboard concept... public dashboard could be interesting... I personally am too paranoid for public dashboard I think.

Also there seems to be a trust factor that's needed, assuming there's an API of yours we'd have to ping every time something happens. Which is an intimate integration.

Perhaps something like public web/traffic/shared stats would be less intimate/invasive and easier/less-friction to integrate.

But overall great job for 3 weeks of work!

I think Pieter levels already has an open startups project so you might want to be careful with the the name. is pretty different than right? Are you referring to something else?

Well he said Open startups... I know this is more than showing revenue but could still be confusing.

Ohh got it got it. Sorry, my bad 🙂

I'm not the target market, but I checked it out! Here are my #twocents

  • Graphs are beautiful, really liked the UI design.
  • Great idea showing metriclist's own dashboard as an example.
    • I would make the CTA to create your own dashboard more prominent!
  • Homepage hero copy thoughts:
    • "Create beautiful dashboards with zero effort." 👍🏼
    • "Public dashboards for product people" could be stronger
    • "Your audience will come back to [...]" could be stronger
    • Maybe ... "Create beautiful dashboards with zero effort. Build your story and build trust at the same time."
  • Free trial: I see that it's available because of the FAQ, but maybe make it visible from the pricing. If someone skims over the FAQ they won't see that they can try the product risk-free.

"Roasting" it here is fun, but getting customers to use it will provide the best feedback!