Featured as #1 Product of the Day in Product Hunt šŸ„³

Started working on a simple tool to keep myself accountable to eat less sugar.

After started using WIP and reading (well, listening) to Atomic Habits, started to work on forming few habits like "No laptop/coding after 7pm", "No Sugar/Eat healthily", etc.

For the "no sugar" part, I thought it would be nice to have a public leaderboard. Since I already have a leaderboard on, shouldn't take much time to build.

So bought put together a website in an hour or so and pushed live using Took the leaderboard and other UI elements from and changed the colour šŸ˜€

I spent more time on this yesterday refreshing PH launch dashboard and sharing in communities than actually coding it šŸ˜¬ In between I shipped a feature someone asked on PH - ability to edit display name since don't want to show actual first name last name present on email. Also added a page for each person on the leaderboard to show their check-in history. (Thankfully it was a Saturday!)

Right now there are 58 people signed up. 30 people checked in and on the leaderboard.Ā 

Got few suggestions and need to implement them in the coming days:
  • Daily reminders to check-in
  • Make it PWA so that it's easily accessible on mobile

Few more suggestions which I don't plan to work on immediately. Maybe after shipping the above ones: