Experience selling eBooks?

Anyone with good knowledge on selling eBooks?

I have enough content to create one and want to know about the importance of title and best ways of finding pricing and distribution.

Would like resources, or help with the above mentioned topics


Thanks a mir! I got my content on my blog and expertise on my topic, which even brought me paid freelance gigs, and a little audience on LI, therefore I am not going for the ebook.


Hi! I have been selling e-books for ten years now. Not that I can make a living out of it (although some books sold 5000+ copies). Ask me anything and I will try to help you as best as possible.

Wow, great!

1) Do you write the eBook, then sell, or do you first create a table of content and try to find potential buyers?

2) How do you determine pricing?

3) How do you distribute?

4) Best place/site/way to create the design?

5) How important is a SEO optimized title?

6) Any other things you wish you knew ten years ago?

1) My first e-book I made without posting anything, then announced, published and sold. For my most popular book (about finding cheap airfare) I just told the world 'hey, I'm writing this book, please pre-order to support me'. 900 people pre-ordered.
2) Asked on Twitter what people would want to pay. Then ignored it and asked a higher price (for the airfare book). Other prices depending on my popularity and popularity of subject.
3) My first e-books I sold with woocommerce. Current ones through Shopify, linked to my websites (such as The ones I made with a publisher, are selling on all places where one can buy books.
4) For the airfare book, I asked a professional cover designer to design the cover. The actual book I designed myself in Indesign. My first e-books (in 2012) I designed myself. The ones I made with a publisher were designed by a designer.
5) Depends on the topic, I guess. These are the book titles of my books:

  • Billen (translated: 'buttocks') --> A book about how to train your ass (yes, published in 2012)
  • 10 reasons you don't lose weight (this was only 40 pages and sold for €7)
  • Eat cake have a sixpack (went with a publisher, sold for €12)
  • Staying home is more expensive (self-published, e-book was €20, lower price after two years)
  • Handbook for people who always kill their house plants (with publisher, sold for €12)
  • Can we fly again? (self-published, €9)

6) Nothing helpful comes to mind.

Wow,thanks for the indepth insights! I think the titles are really compelling and I like the fun twists. Again thanks big time 🙏🏾

Great insights, thanks! Another question, since you've gone through it:

Self-published ebook vs. real publisher doing physical books? E.g. when to go for what, what's ultimately better in your opinion, how much people still want physical books?

I also publish physical books myself. Margins are 4-5x higher than with publisher. For example: I make a €12 profit on a €20 physical book when self-publishing and €3 with a publisher.

I use a publisher for a book about houseplants because I thought this would sell for years and I'm not interested in doing marketing for all these years. Also, this specific publisher uses a 50/50 deal on profits (which still makes only €3,50 for a book with selling price of €17).

In the Netherlands there still is a very large number of people buying physical books. For example my book on airfare sold 6000 now, of which 4000 physical books and 2000 e-books.

Why e-books?
- increase your margin on books (can be almost 100%)
- no returns or storage / fulfilment agency needed
- easy to publish

Why physical books?
- people are owning something physical
- increases credibility ('this guy made a book')
- paper books are way cooler

Why self-publishing?
- increase margins
- autonomy
- if you have an audience, you MUST self-publish, otherwise you're only helping the publisher make money

Why use publisher?
- to get your books in book stores
- to do marketing (they don't, really, it sucks)
- to get help designing, editing, selling, promoting, pr

Sorry for the incoherent answer. This is all from the top of my head. Maybe I should write a self-published e-book on how to write and publish a book.

Thank you, this is supremely helpful! 🙏 go for that new book ;)