Elastictable - A Baas for your Saas

Elastictable is a Backend as a Service for makers and founders of SaaS businesses.
A fully managed database, API, and authentication platform where you don't have to write any code.

For entrepreneurs without coding skills. Or for entrepreneurs who love to code, but have more important things to do, like, building a successful business.


One man show.

I have experience with C++, Python and as Agile Coach. Currenly learning Web development.

Hi Stephan. The page looks good. How will this be different from other services like Firebase?

πŸ€” learning/devtools/productivity products. Can offer help with: Coding/JS/CSS. Could use with help with: finding customers, building an audience πŸ˜…

Looks good stephan, can definitely see the need. I think the text could be shorter and more to the point. Im not sure whether your initial target audience "entrepreneurs without coding skills" is going to know what a BaaS is though

Brace for impact.

The service itself is fine I think. Even if it's similar to already existent ones I can see enough need for another one.

What I'm missing mainly is more details info about it on the landing page. How does it work very specifically? Maybe some screenshots? Features? Ways to integrate and use it? Currently "Backend as a service" is all I know about it, and it's way to vague for me. Differences to Prism? To Contentful? To Firebase? (even if you don't compare it directly to those tools, give a description clear enough so I can plot the differences out in my own mind).

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