Do you work with affiliation programs? Which one are paying the most?

I have a big Messenger bot (700k+ users) and I started monetize it with a website and ads, but I would like to try some affiliation programs right in the bot. Any recommandation?

What's your market niche? Depend on that you can choose affilates

It's not really a niche. The bot sends jokes (I know... but it's pretty popular ;) ) and I would like to add affiliate links in the scenario or to send a message to all the current subscribers.

Can you find funny gadgets that sell on amazon?

So you think Amazon is the best choice?

The question is more what can you sell. Then you don't really have the choix of which affiliate program they use. Eg I've sold Udemy courses, so registered for Linkshare. There are plenty of other products to promote in that program, in a lot of industries (insurance, travel, retail).