Do you ever come to WIP wishing you could post something other than a project update, todo, win, or question?

I'm new to WIP. Maybe I don't get it yet. A few times now, I wanted to come here and post something other than whats already standard. For example:

  1. Problem - When I'm stuck, I don't really have a specific place I go and post/share it. I suppose the answer for everyone is: whichever network you have the most followers on. sorta kinda does this with "pulls". Maybe we have a "Pulls" tab here?
  2. Rant - Shit happens. I need to vent. Maybe get perspective. Maybe rants aren't healthy, but if I see others ranting, maybe it makes my rant less painful? I think secretly, we rant in the hopes others agree. I hate being challenged on my rant, but I probably need it.
  3. Promo - Would be good to have a place to post your startup promo/deal. Good for Marketing brains. We have a thing here already: Deals

I can't think of others at the moment. I started this question because of #1 above. 

Sort of related to the other question I just made about finding Engineering Co-Founders.

For problems, typically people will ask questions on the Telegram Channel:, or here on the questions section

For rants, the questions section maybe serves your purpose? Depends what kind of ranting you want to do

I think the format really works. I frequently scroll through everyone's todos, people post all kinds of stuff as todos, good stuff, bad stuff, rants, ...
It's weird how addictive it is even though you don't know a lot of these people :)

I absolutely creep on the timeline and cheer people's tasks, no matter how chaotic they are.

Like you got out of bed today and ate a vegetable? I'm your biggest fan now.

Do you know @jasonleow yet? He created LifeLog, and everything you've mentioned is how many of us use Life Log. 😁

Also, I am 100% unhinged and post random stuff. Did you see my recent question about fruit consumption? Not that you need permission to post "not to-do items," but if you wanted it, there you go. :)

You can also post problems + rants in the form of questions as well.

@thecatstickler Thanks for the mention!! 😍

@jasonleow You're welcome! 😻 I'm on a not-so-secret mission to get all active WIP members and my own community members to join.

Oh WOW 🤩 You're the best, Cat! Can't thank you enough for that 🙏 Let's go! What can I do to help with that?

Affiliate programme?

An affiliate program would be amazing if it's not too much effort on your part! 😻