Collector - Find undervalued products from experts

Hey All,

Idea is we show experts opinions on what they believe is currently undervalued future collectables like CDs, Cars, Apple, Games, VHS, Accessories etc.

Every 1/2/4 weeks the idea is to release X new items that experts feel are undervalued. My current recommendations:

- Starwars VHS Trilogy Special Edition sealed (Full screen edition only)
- New Apple MacBook 12-inch Silver sealed
- Iphone 4 sealed
- Porsche 996 Turbo (UK/EU only) 

For each of these there would be a reason/opinion eg. Iphone 4 is still being used everyday by people and Apple are returning to this design.

Would be great to hear your feedback on this idea ? I've not started building the functionality so please be as harsh as possible. 

ps. I've been collecting and selling Ipods, Starwars, playstation, gameboys, watches etc for over 10 years and thought there must be thousands on people who have their own little niche expertise in products.

I think it is cool idea. If I were working on this, I'd build a newsletter to validate this idea and also to build a community. Based on the responses, I'll decide whether to build a full fledged website for this.

Thank you Brahma - Great idea, will just make a landing page showing this weeks/months picks with a signup box :)