Best WYSIWYG editor for Rails?

Froala is beautiful and works perfectly but at $250/year is a bit steep. What else do you use that integrates easily with Rails and looks modern? (must support image upload too)

Trix by Basecamp is quite nice. It integrates really well with Ruby on Rails, and is very extensible. It's also well maintained, so it seems like a good long-term solution even if its functionality is still rather limited.

Trix is amazing and I've used it elsewhere, the problem is that I need something that can handle custom dropdowns. The reason being this is an editor for an email and my users need to be able to paste merge tags from a dropdown menu (like MailChimp) :(

You could add functionality like that to Trix. Chris (@excid3) did a GoRails episode about adding @mentions to Trix you could use as a starting point.

Trix is a good solution also because it's made by the people who made Rails, so it's a safe bet.

I'm using TinyMCE for #mindwave It's pretty nice (so far) but already testing with other editors. All of them seem to have pro's and con's. Here is a quick screen recording of the editor's options:…

Don't know about the dropdown options in TinyMCE though.