Best way to host a podcast?

What would be the best way to host and distribute a podcast? Make your own website and control the RSS feed of use a paid service like Simplecast($15/m + own domain) or free one like Anchor?

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Based on what I heard is great for hosting and distributing podcasts. They have analytics, embedding, and built in website feature also. I think it might be useful for you.

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You should also give a look at Soundcloud, the platform has multiple dedicated features for podcasters, including RSS, embedding, analytics

But the best feature is their built-in commenting system allowing your listener to let comments or allowing yourself to specify chapters, add "footnotes", etc

IIRC, it's < $10/month for unlimited upload, unlimited listening etc;
And if you plan to upload things privately to only support embedding on your website, you should even be able to share 1 account for different projects


Traveling, meeting people, collaborating on Coworkies & bunch of other projects.

Thanks @moul , really good take on podcast hosting. Never though of SC like this.

I guess with the RSS from SC you can do the submission to Apple, Google, Spotify etc podcast directories.

For now I am heavily considering Simplecast because of the unlimited uploads, the automatic submissions to directories and the custom domain website they offer.

Will check the SC podcast thingy now, thanks again.

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Yep, I confirm, I've 2 SoundCloud-based podcasts that are published on Spotify, Apple Podcasts etc

And since, it's just a RSS, you can proxy the RSS, i.e., to show your domain name or just to be sure to be able to switch to another provider without changing the RSS.

Another cool option, is about adding more features to the RSS, i.e., some services takes a podcast RSS as input and generates a new one that changes stream URIs in order to get more analytics are prepend ads

Summary -> SoundCloud provides a very nice interface, especially their player with comment, but it's still a "standard podcast RSS provider", so you are not vendor-locked

SoundCloud only has limited uploads on the free offer, but as soon as you pay the <$10/m, you get unlimited uploads too

And when you talk about "directories", if you talk about Spotify, Apple etc, it's a one-time setup, nothing to do when you add new episodes

About custom domains, as I said, I also prefer to have a custom domain (mostly in order to not be vendor-locked), so I just configured Netlify proxy with this one-line configuration file:

Result: custom domain, unlimited uploads, super cool player, available on all directories, absolutely no manual maintenance -> I only uploading a new episode on SoundCloud with the wanted metadata

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Traveling, meeting people, collaborating on Coworkies & bunch of other projects.

Thanks so much for this detailed explanation. Seems like a really simple and good setup.

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I also did a postcast and hosted in on Soundcloud, website was hosted on GitHub pages. I think we paid 100$ p/y for SoundCloud.

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I use, I like the design the convenience of it also the landing page feature is a great one.

Recently I started to look into Breaker app too. Their discovery feature is pretty good one. It's free so maybe it's worth a try.

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