B2B lead management system


I'm looking for feedback on the homepage of the product I'm working on. It's a very specific market I'm trying to reach. Mainly companies that produce customer products of some sort. Think like a car manufacturer. My product manages incoming leads and spreads them to local dealers so the customer can get what he's looking for. I struggle to explain it in simple terms.

I mainly target the Dutch market (for now), so the copy will be hard to read. I see Dutch people on here, so I'm hoping they can pitch in ✌️

Give it all you got, I'm ready!

I understand a little as I understand South African Afrikaans. The page is well designed. The screenshots are however large and require lots of scrolling.

dumb question: Do you want to build a website or a business? Anyone can build websites, but a business is something different.

Additionally, assuming you want a business: Are you making this in tight collaboration with your direct business audience providing advice/feedback/etc?

Finally, why would it fail in 6 months - assuming you want a business?