Anyone else getting annoyed by the overuse of emojis everywhere?

It seems like every new product has emojis in their landing pages! PH really influenced us there...

Not really. Emojis have become part of our vocabulary and no surprise that makers use them that often. It's a cheap and easy to way to make a landing look nice.

Although in the future, we probably will look back and perceive that as candy-buttons of web 2.0.

Yeah... don't take ma wrong, I like emojis, but I do feel they are being overused!


haha now you got me! It's actually just a "feeling"... this, and I guess I was in a bad mood when I posted this little rant :O

Well, you can now learn how to speak in emoji w duolingo

In a casual context where it's users talking to each other (Social media, Slack & Forums) I think they add a lot of value. However when I see them on startups landing pages, I always think it comes as a bit tacky & I question their accessibility.

I think it has become too much and I see it as disingenuous if it isn't interpersonal communication. Emojis are like salt, too much and it is ruined.

I like emojis and don't mind them. I use them in my blog images (, which is not the normal use case and hopefully less annoying to the emoji haters. ;)