Any recommendations to make a demo/explainer video?

I seem to remember an app where you can enter some text/screenshots and it produces a video with some text animations with music etc, like a low budget version of the videos you see on the Apple website.

Any suggestions?

I'm not looking for apps where you record yourself talking over the screen (eg Loom). Looking for something like an explainer video which talks about the customer pain points and teases some product features.

I'm not sure if it's the one you saw, but I'm building which seems to be pretty close to what you are looking for šŸ¤”

Hope it helps!

Thanks @andrei_terteci looks nice, gonna give it a try!

I've done VO for explainer videos, and past clients have LOVED Video Scribe. They're whiteboard explainers.

I've also heard PowToon is good + budget friendly.

Thanks Cat, will check these out!