60-day streak on WIP

2 days late, but here nonetheless. I've pierced through the 60-day streak checkmark (also as a member), and here's what has happened.

(my previous 30-day streak post is linked here)

In these last 30 days since my previous milestone, I have:

β™œ Improved my chess β˜’ . After reaching a plateau this past summer, I took a break and benefited from it. Mainly, I believe, many of things I learned over the summer finally became cemented in my brain and allowed me to see/understand those concepts more clearly when getting back into the game.

πŸ† I've since participated in my first online rated tournament by FIDE (came #24 out of 81 players). My current ELO is fluctuating around the 1200 mark. My next goal is to get to reach a stable period around 1500.

πŸ“ˆ As part of this official tournament by FIDE, I was also assigned my official FIDE ID. This was a special milestone, as it made my granfather proud. Back in the days, he's been a chess champion in El Salvador and was a coach for his country's delegation in international competitions worldwide. He always tried to have my brother and I take chess more seriously, but I never gave it the attention it deserved up until December of 2021.

πŸš€ helped my grandpa publish the 3rd edition of his book on Kindle. Available on all amazon sites worldwide. It has made 4 sales in a month.

πŸ“– finished reading "Make" by β˜’ . I've learned so much from Pete since discovering him on the "My First Million" podcast and have been HOOKED on his indie hacker mouvement ever since. It was then that I also discovered WIP and eventually mustered up the courage to apply.

πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ’» I've reached a block on β˜’ , partially because I am super new to back-end programming and I can't seem to get my thing to work, partially because I became frustrated/discouraged by this block, and partially because of my schedule helping startups. My intention is to re-assess in the next 2-3 weeks whether I can get it to work with the things I've learned so far, or simply pick a new project that is much easier to launch and keep executing.

🎨 given the block above, I've also "launched" β˜’, my artistic endeavors (mainly painting + photography). After a good 10+ year hiatus with the arts, I decided this year to make art a visible part of my life (not just a "hobby" I do at my desk) through which I can make money. This yearΒ  I've made close to 350-400$ CAD. Next milestone $1,000. More art to come.

πŸ“ Committed to launching a newsletter on startups/VC/business-building. I had tinkered with this project in 2020 as a blog, but never got it to become a consistent thing.Β  I've had a huge mindset change this year, so here we are! I am currently building a waitlist and will be working on structure and content in the next 2-3 months.

πŸ₯ as part of my visibility efforts, I've also stepped up my twitter game, scheduling more posts and interacting with the ecosystem more. Two accounts at the moment @alvivanco (for my main persona), and @vivancolors (for my artist alter ego). TweetHunter has become my main tool, it's been super helpful with its AI assitance, idea-generation, and CRM/engagement features. It has been a GREAT tool, and I will continue using it for the next 1-2 months as a test (because it is expensive) and re-assess then if its worth the cost.


It's funny. I sincerely thought (and felt dissapointed) I would not have much to share because of the block I've experienced with β˜’ , but quite a bit has happened.

This is the power of WIP!

Next milestone post @ 100-day streak.