4 Pro members for

Even if it is a comparatively small amount, wouldn't have done this if I hadn't joined WIP 🙏

I have been lazy to build something for a long time and joining WIP really helped 😎

Especially the "streak" forced me to ship/work on something daily 😅 (29 days since I joined and trying not to break it 😄)

If you check out my profile, this is like 5th product I'm trying to build.
Others are mainly landing pages for early access. (it's a mouthful and lengthy to type, may use HD) is the first one where I didn't put any early access page and just started shipping small features.

It's not officially launched and still got some (very small) attention.
Got some fun features to implement and then at some point, will launch officially 🎉

Side note:
Gumroad flagged this as "Fraud" and suspended my account and reversed all payments. 
I'm so grateful, members paid again via Flurly and Buy me a coffee page 😇