10X Goals For the New Year?

Would love to know any systems for preparing for the new year. And any 10X goals that you have :)

My system: I break my year into quarters and try to do 2-3 goals per quarter. The goals are not set in stone but more guidelines. They can be habit or specific goals that I track weekly. I got this idea from the 5 days to the Best Week Ever Course.

One 10X Goal: Move to my home country of Ecuador and start an online business school to stimulate the local economy. I have more details, let me know if you are interested!

I participate in a Mastermind Group. We call every two weeks and set goals for these 2 weeks. Small tasks to do. In the meanwhile we hold each other accountable via a Telegram chat. Works fine.

I never set goals for the long term, maybe I should.
But one can be also move to Ecuador when I am older and wiser. Great country, great climate and lovely people. I lived for a couple of months in Quito, and that was one of the best times of my live.

I am interested in how you intend to stimulate the local economy. I have been running a blog for South African entrepreneurs for the last nine years.