Tazik Shahjahan


Working on "Expert Sheets", "Latex for Humans"
Joined May 2022
#banksy apply for emergent ventures grant so we can incorporate ($200 fee)
#banksy write QR code backend in golang
write and schedule intro cold email to The Working Centre
cold call 5 homeless shelters for new product
ignore projects to study for exams
#expertsheets email 20 ycombinator founders to schedule informational chat abt productivity problems
#expertsheets cold dm 10 founders on linkedin to chat about their biggest productivity problems
#expertsheets read ch3 of The Mom Test
#expertsheets read chapter 1-2 of Mom Test
#expertsheets design two app screens in figma (figma 101 course 4/7)
#expertsheets start writing copy for landing page
#expertsheets learn figma vector networks and make simple logos
#expertsheets compile Learn UI Design emails into pdfs for easy reference
#expertsheets #latexforhumans make Figma template based on Learn UI Design free video
#personalcrm create spreadsheet version of monicahq contacts
#expertsheets complete webflow tutorial
#expertsheets write first draft of Problem Pitch application
#latexforhumans render asciimath within an editable html div
#expertsheets sketch concepts for 5 quotes
#expertsheets write down 5 quotes in the spreadsheet