Seth Cottle


🏦 Product Design Lead at The @CapitalOne Lab. 📺 Building @trimdotgg. 🖥️ PC gaming. 🏆 Not listed on Forbes 30 Under 30. 👤 He/Him
Joined November 2020
Update Cüra dashboard design. #ontheside
Take a fucking break during the holidays. #life
Start developing customer personas. #trimdotgg
Finish redesigning sign in, sign up, and profile creation screens for Cüra. #ontheside
Mail out first batch of stickers! #trimdotgg
Add a little automation to free sticker requests. #trimdotgg
Order more stickers to giveaway! #trimdotgg
Populate healthy backlog in Trello for design and engineering. #trimdotgg
Add Mailchimp integration into the social link page. #trimdotgg
Finish social media assets for the remainder of the year. #trimdotgg
Make a cryptic ad that means nothing and promote it a few places online. #trimdotgg
Update typography in 🌌 Nexus Design System. #trimdotgg
Brainstorming session: free vs paid account features #trimdotgg
Set up Trim social media. #trimdotgg
Create simple link page for Instagram. #trimdotgg
Switch to Firebase Hosting from Vercel. Enable GitHub Actions to deploy to Firebase Hosting. #ontheside
Redesign embedded video container. #trimdotgg
Create a Discord Community for Trim users. #trimdotgg
Draft Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. #trimdotgg
Create DMCA takedown request form. #trimdotgg