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If you're more into relaxed / dreamy type of electronic music, I highly recommend The "Night On The Terrace" series by nottradio on YouTube. My recent favorite is this one: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YYyT…

I appreciate your answer and honesty. I will probably stick with Pablo's strategy though of offering free on boarding. It makes a lot sense and I guess that would be something I'd want to have too, in their shoes as it is very transparent too, another goal/core value of mine in business.

Good idea, I was thinking about doing an onboarding process for free where I do all the work for a limited amount of realtors/time. With that, they don't loose anything but only gain and I can build some reputation and traffic in the meantime.

I have used bubble for a product I switched over with Andrey's Sheet2Site. It is quite powerful and already a lot of plugins are available. You can practically build something for free until you want to add a Domain to it. I recommend watching the bubble tutorial videos on YouTube, there are a lot of them that cover quite some use cases.

Here's the channel:

There is a bit of a learning curve though and as it is super customizable, it might be an over-the-top solution if you build something very simple.