Natanael Silva


something something...
Joined July 2022
add new config properties and enum values to fulfill provider signup UI needs
styled and added copy to timezone selector component
fixed logic of step 4 of provider sign up
finished ToggleCardSet component creation and usage
set up basic provider sign up stepper
move video call app info from service to appointment
create 3 customers with 2 appointments each on dummy data generator
define customer list page
create note model class
create cli command to run initial data import
add start date for availability, options should be "now" or on a specific date.
Add a button (with an icon) to the right, to add a new row
each line of the form has 7 checkboxes SMTWTFS (use 3 letter words)
create a test for provider availability creation - success
create form with 7 arrays (one for each day of the week)
Add configuration for display time format
Add configuration for timezone
create configs for timezone and time display format
fixed rotating log handler with relative path
write test for provider availability creation - conflict