Vadim Kravcenko


I co-founded a digital agency three years ago, growing from zero to millions in revenue. Currently I'm building a tool for creators called
Joined August 2021
Added Social Profile Metrics Page to track growth of a profile #vibes
Continued working on the Telegram Commands #vibes
Added Telegram Bot Integration #vibes
Tried to do a product demo video, but found a lot of bugs, fixing them now #vibes
I'm just gonna relax and enjoy my friday. Brain needs some time off.
Boost Next.JS performance #vibes
Started writing a scenario for the product demo video #vibes
Fixed some bugs with the Periodic Tasks for Authors #vibes
Fixed Product Hunt Querying #vibes
Highlight matching word #vibes
Open up early adopter plans #vibes
Add Infinite Scroll to the Timeline #vibes
Show users what are their limits on their Subscription plan and enforce those limits #vibes
Setup Reddit ads as an experiment for #vibes
Fix the daily summary email #vibes
Add Changelog Page to let customers see the evolution of the product #vibes
Add Stop Words to Timelines #vibes
Add Filtering by Favorite Authors instead of Topics #vibes
Include real numbers in the statistics page #vibes
Fix On-the-fly filtering of Timeline #vibes