Ali Salah


Joined January 2023
thinking about how to combine private incidents (new inc management) and status page incidents #instatus
send 17K email to #instatus users
become twitter famous #instatus…
design new monitoring nav #instatus
release #instatus
hire a logo designer for #instatus 2.0 rebrand (
move db from aws to google cloud (got credits!) #instatus
still trying to get google cloud to work #instatus
create continuous migration from aws rds to gcloud sql #instatus
some users assume that components should turn back operational when they delete an incident, so just added a task for this popup #instatus
went through profitwell customer list to make sure they don't have missing customers (found 5 missing and sending them an email) #instatus
useless meetings with temporal & vercel #instatus
sign a contract with HR outsourcing company to make employees legal here #instatus
switch between vercel teams to avoid serverless functiib overuse charges #instatus
Mastodon is now using #instatus ūüĒ•
make integration image zoom to an actually bigger image #instatus
Start using WIP!