Georgy Alaverdyan
🔥 8
Solopreneur, interface designer, and (no-code) developer. Basically, I build sites with Webflow 🧑🏻‍💻 • Hardcore gamer, anime fan 🎮
🔨 Bootstrapping @PriceWell_io in public. Helping anyone build Stripe subscriptions into their website. 10 year Full Stack Developer, Cyclist, Foodie, Dad
Built marketplace to buy/sell newsletters. Now running The Slice - indie biz newsletter.
Wassim 🐨
🔥 5
Indie maker. 12 micro SaaS in 12 months challenge.
Got fired by Tai Lopez
👨‍👩‍👧 father, Rails linebacker, 👨‍💻 software/music composer, @stimulusreflex core,, ✍️
Ramon Morcillo
🔥 21
Maker. Problem solver. 🍉Fruit Fanatic. 🏄‍♂️Nomad Surfer Constantly creating to improve myself and those around me.
Small SAAS business owner while travelling in Morocco in a camper van.
💻 Software & 📷 Street Photography is where it's at. Growing &
Ali Salah
Founder - community & conference - creating educational content & events for designers
Serial builder, I challenge myself to build 12 micro startups in 12 months (1/12)
Writer @ PhD on startups
Freelance Web Developer. Founder & Maker.
I’m a software engineer with an itch to create.