WIP Request for feature - Patreon for makers

I see a lot of great projects on here that I'd like to support in some way, but I don't necessarily want to become a user or customer of that product.

There are also a bunch of cool products that are pre-revenue, or on a free side-project model, so I think it would be cool if the WIP community could show support for the products that we really like through some sort of Patreon inspired donation system.

Perhaps supporting could provide perks like early access etc. Above all, it could help us makers to survive a little easier until the business models are nailed.

Working on Impact Inbox


Sounds super cool! Do you think this should be restricted to WIP, or open to the general public too?

Working on Impact Inbox

I'm not sure. I like the idea of a tight nit community backing each other to do well. But on the flip side of that, making it public facing opens the maker up to more potential support and exposure.

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