Which marketing channels do you actively use?

Can you share your experiences on which marketing channels you actively use and why you choose these channels over others?

Reddit, FB groups, forums related to the product, hackernews, word of mouth, SEO because I'm allergic to spending money

What I do MOST of (where I see results):

✨️ Facebook groups -- I've been consistently getting clients from groups. I don't pitch or promote, though. I give value by answering people's questions and asking my own insightful questions that build authority. Since comments are public, I often get lurkers who saw my comments messaging me to work together.

✨️ Quora -- Same principle, except Quora gives me a ridiculous amount of research data to create relevant content on other platforms. There are also publishing and monetization opportunities. If anything, it's just good writing practice and market research.

✨️ Email -- Because I need to get people off social media so I don't have to fight the algorithm. Plus, it's a sales-friendly space. (I use Convert Kit.)

✨️ Coworking forums -- There's a place to share offers, and it's easy to start up a conversation with people during breakout rooms before sessions.

✨️ Threads -- It's unhinged. Which means it's the perfect place to connect and show some personality. (I used to use Twitter and got several corporate clients from there.)

✨️ Professional organizations (like EFA, Upwork, etc) -- Pretty self-explanatory. I have extremely clear positioning based on what I'm selling + who I'm selling to on each platform, so there's zero message confusion.

✨️ Substack -- I'm actually gaining traction on there, and I love the community feature. I've been approached to collaborate, and I'm excited. (Different from email marketing above.)

What I'm doing MORE of:

✨️Medium -- long-form articles + SEO

✨️LinkedIn -- excellent for my audience (startup founders, corps, freelancers

✨️ Pinterest -- just repurposing all existing content to expand my reach

✨️ Marketplace platforms (like Skillshare and Udemy) -- to market and sell in a marketplace-like setting

What I'm considering adding:

✨️ YouTube -- to have video content because it's ridiculous to not take advantage of it. I'd start with 1 short every day, then increase from there and add long-form video

✨️ Instagram -- ONLY because it's attached to Threads and I can create more authority content on IG while Threads can be more personality content

Everything I do is free (except paid coworking groups and professional organizations), and I have solid content and brand strategies (because I'm a strategist), so I end up repurposing a LOT of content for other platforms. (Not just copy/paste, but idea repurposing.)

[I'm also coming from this as a consultant, freelancer, and digital product seller.]

To figure out where you need to be, you need to consider:

  • which kind of content you like creating and where you like to be
  • who are your people
  • where are they
  • where you can get the most (of your people's) attention for the least amount of effort

A lot of people screw up the "who their people are + where they are" so they miss out on a LOT of opportunities. Actually spend time with this and do research. Your audience might differ from mine and everyone else's here, so it doesn't really matter what we're doing.

A BETTER question you could've asked is "how do you define your audience and know where to target them on social to get their attention and get more [conversions]."

@beautifulbrain I should give YOU a clap for reading all this!