What topics should @blinkloader tweet about?

We build website optimization software and want to make our official twitter interesting to read. Looking for fresh ideas. Thanks in advance!

Mainly About SVGs. How if you use Inline SVGs instead of Images can drastically reduce Page Load Speed. Sarah Drasner gave 2 talks. Watch that they are awesome. Here's is Link 1 & Link 2. Check Best Practices Guide Containing 50+ SEO, Speed and Security Rules & choose topics from that. I would recommend to check the PracticalDevAccount on Twitter as it shows effective tweets. Definitely not related to your topic but see the patterns.

Tweet about 'business' value of Blinkloader (BL). Maybe put some some online examples with and without the use of BL - so people can feel the difference. Tweet about the people in a business context who's jobs are more secure because they care about the details ( such as optimization ).
Tweet tutorials about how people can optimize without BL -- but it's such a pain, they'll decide that they should probably just use your tools. ( their conclusion not yours )

Awesome! Came up with a couple of ideas, thanks for the inspiration.