What do you think about my book pricing?

Hi all,

I am author of Deployment from Scratch priced at $35 and $50 with lifetime updates. I think this pricing worked out well.

I am now writing a new book on Kamal. This time I want to do a different pricing and would like your opinion.

For one it's a shorter book and should be fairly cheap and affordable.

I am thinking $13-$15 for an ebook in PDF and EPUB.

But I was also thinking doing a higher plan, something like a patron plan for people that want to support me more.

This should be priced like $19-$25 and would give early access, any future formats (HTML?), and lifetime updates.

Does it makes sense? What would you do here?

Honestly I think that 19$ could be the base price. Yeah sure, it’s gonna be a shorter book but I really see that as a feature.

Re having a higher price point - maybe you could bundle in some more exclusive resources (like templates or whatnot).

Thanks for the feedback. You are right that I can do a bit more in the higher tear, I have some ideas, but don't want to overpromise haha. :)

$20 is fair. Also, is a good example if what you can do -- everytime I go on the site he's changed the price -- so feel free to play around with it as you go.

You could list it as $30-$40, and give a "discount" so that you end up charging $20 for it.

You can only do that if it's a real discount and you increase the price, at least there's a law for that in my country. I know people do these kind of things, but I am not a fan unless of corse it's a real discount.