What are creative ideas to incentivize users/visitors to contribute?

I'm working on a project where I'm providing a list of tools available to developers to use on their next project. I was going to go the crowdsource route but I was advised to instead do the initial leg work myself and then incentivize people to help fill in the gaps and/or suggest tools.

I'm wondering what are some creative ways to incentivize people to contribute?

Are you sure that web scraping couldn't solve this problem? I think the problem is a bit vague to provide the best suggestions.

Here are some incentive ideas.

What if you gamified the process of collecting data?

How about an achievement system with badges, rankings, etc.?

What if you created a type of digital currency that users could build up and then use to redeem later to enable parts of your system? For that matter, I think Dogecoins are super cheap, and people like to collect them.

What if you did pay users, but consider it part of your marketing budget?

These ideas might be garbage, depending on your project. I'm open to thinking this through more thoroughly with you if you'd like. Just hit me up on Telegram.

Thank you Cody.

I love those ideas. Your initial statement matched well with what Marc recommended me to do during a chat I had with him so I'm going to just do the leg work myself initially. I do think that the achievement system maybe something I consider in the future.