Tell me about this /launch feature on

How are ppl using it? To announce that they're going to do big launches on PH? To announce small, soft launches? Other?

Reason I'm asking: I'm launching mine in probably a day from now, but just a soft launch to friends, fam, and networks like Should I use /launch then? Or wait til I want the help boosting it on PH?

I think it's all up to you. I used it when I felt comfortable sharing my product with the world. You can only /launch your product once. Once you do, it'll show up on the "launched" tab under products and "launched today" on the frontpage, so there's not much risk in /launch-ing here.

Also, excited to see your launch! Let me know if you need upvotes/shares. Good luck!

Great answer, thanks! I'll save it for my PH launch. Probably in a week or so. Thanks for this offer - I'll ping you. :)