Roast Stephino RPG

Hello, guys!

I have been working on this browser game for the past 20 months or so and I'd like to know your thoughts.

The game is written entirely in PHP (backend) and JS/HTML/CSS on the front-end with support for PWA web workers for client-side storage and packaged as a plugin for WordPress.

There's a free version available on and a paid version - unlocking the game mechanics and extra assets.

The game is fully customizable once unlocked i.e. you can change everything from the storyline and labels to resource production and UI.

The theming aspect of the game is still a WIP at this point. Once implemented, it will allow admins to change the entire UI with a single click and expand it with their own vision.

The game is i18n-ready and WPMU compliant, allowing admins to host multiple games in multiple languages on the same server and codebase.

Free Install (WordPress):