Roast my robotics podcast

I just launched a robotics podcast on YouTube and most major podcasting sites. It's a long-form podcast intended to get into the weeds, while explaining things.

I made the website using Jekyll and Bulma (I'm pretty new to front end web dev) and modeled in on the CSS Podcast, which I thought had a nice layout.

We're posting about new episodes on Twitter, Hackernews, and LinkedIn.

Some points for roasting might be
  • How could I improve the website layout?
  • What features should be added to the website?
  • How do you think branding could be better?
  • What can I do to make the podcast higher quality (improving audio quality is already on the list)?
  • Are there other platforms that I should be hosting the podcast on?
  • Are there other distribution channels I should consider?
  • General suggestions?

Hi Audrow!

I really like the website. It is clean, simple and contains all the necessary information.
I guess for me the most important thing is the RSS link, since I operate a podcast player app ( and I will be adding your podcast to it (…)!

I'm not missing any features but what you could do to improve audio quality is recording in a space where you dont have hard walls behind / around you. Or simply hang a blanket in order to soften the audio somwhat.

Also getting a dynamic microphone will for sure help a lot. I would not really recommend a condenser mic since they tend to record every little sound around you.

I think the most important thing for you is to pump out some good episodes.

Good luck!

Great, I'll add to our podcast platforms list. Thanks for adding it!

Thanks for the tip on the blankets and the dynamic microphone. Improving the audio quality is definitely the next move for the podcast. I'll check out dynamic mics and try to pad my space.

I'd love to hear your thoughts as we have more episodes about what we could do better.

Does have a logo? SVG preferred.

Cool, I don't really know that much about audio but that was my two basic cents anyway :D

Sorry, no logo exists yet for the app. It's still under development and is just something we work on sporadically when there's time over.