Roast my landing page built entirely on Notion V2 🔥

Hey all! About a month ago, I built this webpage all on Notion. It’s for my agency. I thought it was such a clever and novel idea that I didn’t realize how much it sucked as an actual website.

Somehow I thought that it being in Notion is going to forgive the diarrhea of incoherent sections, way too much text and very little color 🤦‍♂️

Thankfully, I tracked link clicks with Rebrandly. Soon enough, I realized that this is not converting at all. For 5,129 visitors, I got only two legitimate inquiries (and none closed) 💩

I knew that I had to change this but some kind of pride blocker or accomplishment bias always made me to push this task of for a long long time. Finally, I got my act together! Thanks to everyone here who provided thoughts. 💯

I just did a complete overhaul— please, please let me know what you think!

with page cover + emoji: here without page cover + emoji: here

Disclaimers: * mobile still sucks bad idk what to do about it * i’m going to use a hosting solution like (,, * i’m going to have a custom domain and speed with these ☝️

Never heard of Notion being used as a front to a website, looks interesting though.

However, are there any particular reasons to do this versus DIY a template, or anything like Squarespace?

The idea sounds cool, however, it feels it does more harm with SEO and broken mobile site than it's actually worth?

With the landing page, I'd push what you do ("I boost productivity...") higher up so that's the first thing people read when they land versus starting with a CTA asking for emails.

Not sure if you seen this already, but this is one of the best landing page articles I've ever read…

Thanks so much for your feedback! I think you're right :/ Thanks so much for the reading. Added to my reading list ✨