Roast my landing page 😁

Roast my new landing page please.

Bolt AI

Great landing page @daniel_nguyenx ! Not much to say about it, it feels really clean. Very informative with all the use cases.
There is 1 thing that in my opinion could be improved: the captions on the use cases videos are not so visible. I feel that if they were below the videos or maybe displayed more prominently it would help.
But overall really solid landing page ! 👍

I like the landing page. It's clear and I understand what its doing.
You could edit the videos to make the writing faster so that I see the typing but with more speed so I don't need to wait, maybe you squeeze more videos like a roulette into it and show even more use cases. Could imagine there is a lot for such an app.
Raycast could be a competitor here or? Only that's via spotlight and yours via / .
Maybe this is also something you can add a competitor section and how your app is different / makes something better.

Great feedback, thank you. Yeah, I'm going to write that comparison page.