ROAST MistralCSS Landing Page - V1

Hey 👋

If you have 1 minute, I would appreciate it if you can visit the first version of Mistral's Landing Page! 😊
Some images are missing, and some effects from Tailwind 2.x are not correctly loaded (NuxtJS's TailwindCSS module is still in V1.9), but I'm still happy with the result!

I spent a lot of time thinking about the messages. Let me know,
Cheers ✌

EDIT: 2 pre-orders (3 lefts to reach my goal) 🥳

We spent days creating
Tailwind CSS 2.0 components,
so you don't have to.

This is the only thing that I didn't get on the landingpage. It doesn't get to the point straight away from me. I would rather see the number of components here.

Thanks @KlimYadrintsev for your feedback! I keep that in mind

So, I just changed it to :

"Build faster with +100 HQ
Tailwind CSS 2.0 components"

Probably not the best intro, I will take some extra time thinking about it 🤔

It looks good. Maybe create templates for imaginary businesses to save even more time?

Thanks @sowenjub !
Yup, making Templates is also a good idea ;) ! Will add into the Roadmap

Updated the Landing Page. Some minor bugs and Font issue.

Ho... and I just made my first pre-sale! 🥳

Looks great, just an idea for the click to action word: 'BUY'. Maybe you can explore other words like 'Get access/ started' or even adding a 'Now' to create some urgency.

All the best!

Great idea Kai! I just limited the spot lefts for all pre-orders on Gumroad, will update the Landing Page as well