Recommendations for social referral tool?

Looking at tools like Viral Loop and ReferralCandy to gate access to encourage folks to invite their friends in order to unlock access to our product.

Need to be able to set/get an affiliate code per user via API — and then track the referral signups they send us, as well as show their progress towards a goal.

Experiences/recommendations welcomed!

I don't know what your tech stack looks like, but it seems relatively trivial to build. Back in the day I built a tool for viral email lists which tracked referrals like you described.

If you consider it a long-term, integral part of your service and you can use the flexibility it's worth building it yourself. Integrating an existing service might end up costing the same number of development hours.

If however you want to provide a marketing person with the flexibility to tweak the goals (and potential rewards?) then an off-the-shelf solution might be more useful. I remember a solution in addition to the one's you already mentioned, but can't recall its name right now. Will do a little digging and follow up if I find it.

Edit: here's a service you could use:

I've been looking into Viral Loops, Referral Candy, and Kickoff Labs, and UpViral.

Saving the hassle of building this ourselves (especially around fraud and double counting) seems useful — but building it ourselves could also give us the flexibility and deeper integration we'll ultimately need.