Pivoted to Personal Accountability Tool

After three months of continuous effort, I feel like deprioritise working on Even with dedicated marketing efforts, active results were elusive.

Yet, In a final attempt to salvage, I:

1. Rebranded it as a challenge-based "Personal Accountability Companion" with a revamped landing page and dashboard (the fifth redesign!).
2. Solidified the "why" and the problem being solved:
  • - Unmotivated to finish your life goal
  • - Inconsistent towards their goal
  • - Feeling lonely in finishing your life goal
3. Stripped away non-value-adding features.
4. Eliminated the free trial after an experiment showed that even when offered a free week, users lost interest after a day or two.

Leveraging Psychology

I also tapped into my knowledge of psychology:

1. Public feed: Share your progress publicly for accountability.
2. Time-bounding: No more free trials. Instead, commit to time-bound challenges:
  1. - Starter (7 days): To try it out
  2. - Habit (21 days): To explore building a habit
  3. - Lifestyle (90 days): For the truly confident
3. Risk elimination: Money-back guarantee if you complete your goal. This uses fear as a motivational trigger.

Wrote a full post-mortem blog post that compiles my efforts over the past 3.5 months building It's been a rollercoaster, but rich in lessons.