My Dividend Calendar

I'd like to know whether it is clear to everyone what this product does, from the domain name/texts on the page.

I'm an european so I may not really understand what the product does. It counts my dividends from stocks I own? The issue with this is that I have to give you information of all the stocks I own, which I would prefer to stay private.

But you should definately add overflow: auto to make scroll bars disappear on windows / linux.

Hi Markus, thank you for your feedback! The product tracks upcoming dividend payments of stocks you own. Whether a company decides to pay dividends, the amount of those dividends, and the payments dates of those dividends are all variable. It depends on the amount of profit that is made and company policies. When you're holding stocks as a source of passive income it is nice to know when you can expect payments.

I think the issue you bring up about the confidentiality of the data is valid. I'll reconsider this. It might be better to just let users list the stocks, and not ask for the amount users hold.

I will look into the issue regarding visible scroll bars!

Hello Thijs,

In the country I currently live in, we get a paper mail in our mailboxes before a payout of dividends. That mail informs the stockholder of what is being paid out, how much and so on. Not sure of how it is in the states tho.

I think your service don't really tells me what problem it solves for me regarding this issue. As far as I can undersstand it, it does exactly the same thing the paper mails I get but with a price tag and privacy questions attachted to it. You should probably highlight (imo) a common problem that you're solving with this service and make sure privacy is a highlight as well.

For example, something I would find more compelling is perhaps statistical data which is missing for me right now. I don't remember what I was paid last year and the year before that etc.

It could also tell me about which stocks has the best dividends compared to the stock value etc. Maybe your service already provides this information but it is not really selling it if that is the case :)

A one-time $4.99 fee is charged, after which you can use the service indefinitely

This is probably going to be an issue for you long term. Lets say 100 users sign up and pay and then you've very little growth. Now you're paying running costs with no income and that is a recipe for disaster. Imagine instead of you took a $4.99 / year, which is still very cheap now it will probably at least cover for your running costs of servers etc.

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