My AI infused focus music album "Focused Maker Music" got released on spotify!

As a developer, maker, entrepreneur and (last but definitely not least) music lover, I started to enjoy listening to focus music in the background while coding and creating things since about a year ago.

With all the AI possibilities of today, creating awesome music isn't any long about plunging in the sounds and keystrokes into a Fasttracker, Ableton-, Cubase- or whatever production environment.

Nowadays,if you are an early adopter - or at least enthusiastic about online tools, AI, and music - you can move from actual musician up one link and be the producer and creative director, using AI as the musician.

This still involves a lot of trying, tweaking, editing and mastering, but opens op a box of possibilities for digital makers.

I decided to combine my passion for music (local DJ back in the day, even created some simple remixes and songs with Fasttracker 2), and my current tech knowledge along with AI tools out there to create music.

I plunged into my own music distribution with my first ever released song "Backroads and Memories" (artist name: Edson Kailes).

But even before that song, I was busy working on focus music that I could enjoy and play in the background while working on shipping stuff.

This resulted in the album Focused Maker Music which I really enjoyed making. All kinds of tunes from piano, 80's synth vibe, synth chimes, etc make a colourful ensemble of chill music.
I even managed to create a short rap, a mantra song for makers to keep the spirits up and keep creating.

Check out the landing with the (AI generated) visuals:

I'm also on Product Hunt, check it out here:

Whatever you do,

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