Monetising Marketing Examples. What should that look like?

Marketing Examples is a gallery of real world marketing examples. Since it launched eight months ago I've written ~50 case studies and grown the email list and Twitter to 12.9k and 24k respectively.

Watching an email list grow is nice, but seeing a Stripe account grow is more motivating.

My leading idea is a cross between MakerPad and Know Your Team but for marketers:
  • Premium articles
  • Short guides (e.g. cold email, PPC guide, landing page ...)
  • Private community
  • Weekly calls / AMA's Book summaries
My thinking was having two price points, “Individuals” at $30 / mo and “Businesses” at $200 / mo. Businesses get company wide logins and option to post jobs.

Some questions:

Something I read a lot is “Offer more value. Charge a higher price”. How could I do that. What could I sell to businesses?

How would you price it? My thinking was reasonably high price would keep the community high value.

What are the next steps? I think emailing my audience and asking what they actually want?

What other startups are doing “Premium / Community for XYZ ...” that I could learn from?

maybe ask @patwalls how hes doing it on starter story! - i think he has early access on his interviews for premium subscribers - i like that :)

Haha! Yeah, I watch Pat closely. Good call. I think his premium is a bit of a WIP still.

Worth looking at how does it too

Yep - I live what he does. He cba to grow a “proper“ business though.

You really have a great marketing skills and paid community is really good idea.

In addition to that, choose a business every week/month and work with their social media team/founders closely(of-course charge them) and do the actual work to improve their business or train them and share the results as a case study to your community. That way you have a content for your paid community + monetisation from businesses.

That's a great idea. I'm consulting now but thinking how to combine a paid SaaS/content type offering with that!

I really like this idea of basically developing premium case studies directly out of your consulting clients. I think it works out to be a great mix of marketing (both your consultancy, and the businesses hiring you) and content development all in one.

Really nice idea Abhinaya. Thank you. Much food for thought :)

Super interested in following your progress! I started in reverse order: consulting clients on no/low code to build & automate product and growth operations. Now, thinking how to switch to more education, content and subscription model.

Cheers Temirlan. Interesting one. Definately pros of both approaches. Will be sure to check out how you transition

How do you monetize now? I remember you had sponsorship email. How much you charged?