Monetising Marketing Examples. What should that look like?

Marketing Examples is a gallery of real world marketing examples. Since it launched eight months ago I've written ~50 case studies and grown the email list and Twitter to 12.9k and 24k respectively.

Watching an email list grow is nice, but seeing a Stripe account grow is more motivating.

My leading idea is a cross between MakerPad and Know Your Team but for marketers:
  • Premium articles
  • Short guides (e.g. cold email, PPC guide, landing page ...)
  • Private community
  • Weekly calls / AMA's Book summaries
My thinking was having two price points, “Individuals” at $30 / mo and “Businesses” at $200 / mo. Businesses get company wide logins and option to post jobs.

Some questions:

Something I read a lot is “Offer more value. Charge a higher price”. How could I do that. What could I sell to businesses?

How would you price it? My thinking was reasonably high price would keep the community high value.

What are the next steps? I think emailing my audience and asking what they actually want?

What other startups are doing “Premium / Community for XYZ ...” that I could learn from?

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maybe ask @patwalls how hes doing it on starter story! - i think he has early access on his interviews for premium subscribers - i like that :)

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Haha! Yeah, I watch Pat closely. Good call. I think his premium is a bit of a WIP still.

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yes, but still 1,2k mrr ☺️

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fair point

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Worth looking at how does it too

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Yep - I live what he does. He cba to grow a “proper“ business though.

You really have a great marketing skills and paid community is really good idea.

In addition to that, choose a business every week/month and work with their social media team/founders closely(of-course charge them) and do the actual work to improve their business or train them and share the results as a case study to your community. That way you have a content for your paid community + monetisation from businesses.


That's a great idea. I'm consulting now but thinking how to combine a paid SaaS/content type offering with that!

Software architect, engineering leader, solver of problems, builder of things.

I really like this idea of basically developing premium case studies directly out of your consulting clients. I think it works out to be a great mix of marketing (both your consultancy, and the businesses hiring you) and content development all in one.

last of the young and famous writers -

Really nice idea Abhinaya. Thank you. Much food for thought :)


Super interested in following your progress! I started in reverse order: consulting clients on no/low code to build & automate product and growth operations. Now, thinking how to switch to more education, content and subscription model.

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Cheers Temirlan. Interesting one. Definately pros of both approaches. Will be sure to check out how you transition

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How do you monetize now? I remember you had sponsorship email. How much you charged?

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