Launched Simple OTP on product hunt after a full month of building

I've worked my ass off on this product - have been coding every single day with no days off for an entire month to get this out the door from scratch. It turned out it was way more complicated than I expected to build a secure authentication product with payments integration and to get everything working but I got it done. As a bonus, now that I've gone through the pain of setting up frontend/backend/edge routing/network security/payments just how I like it, it will make future projects a lot faster - so I see this one as a bit of a win-win even if this particular product doesn't take off.

Check out my product hunt post here and I'm eternally grateful for any upvotes:

There's a 10% discount code active for a week listed on the producthunt page. Grab it before it's gone! 

Thank you in advance for any feedback you might have to offer as well! I'll be monitoring PH this week and answering feedback/quickly fixing any issues that come up.