Is there any legal way to monetise this website?

AnyAudio is a music streaming website that takes its data from YouTube. It doesn't play YouTube video but downloads the music on the server side and streams it.

We worked on it a couple of years ago when we were just looking to do an interesting project and solve a problem. The main problems that AnyAudio solves are - 1. Works on slow 2G connections, we have tested till 16KB/s. 2. Finally allows you to play youtube songs with the screen off on phones.

Can we monetize this by adding ads or potentially adding subscriptions? We are linking to the YouTube video and giving all credits.

PS - We have a download option on the website that we will remove.

Maybe a 1 year subscription? How much traffic do you have?

Would that be legal? We get around 60 distinct users per day.

I think you should rethink your approach on this, as you are going against youtube's TOS where you may not download videos that you did not upload yourself. You are also breaking copyright laws by downloading and distributing other parties copyrighted content (without explict permission). I suggest that before you go down the path of monetizing other people's content, that you actually do your own due diligence and assess the risk of possible litigation over nothing.

PS: your method is bypassing the monetization of youtube. When in doubt you should consult with a lawyer in your jurisdiction, and this is not legal advice.

Good luck!

For sure against the TOS of youtube.... But man I needed something like this for a long time... Thanks for making this.... Just wish you could integrate this with

Very well done!!!!!!…

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