Hey, I'm Veit, iOS App Developer

I want to take a moment to introduce myself. I'm Veit. For over five years, I'm a professional software developer (web and mobile) and have had a passion for apps forever. My main job is to keep five of the largest private healthcare insurance apps running (I hope this will end soon :D ). 

The most ironic thing is that I stoped to use my phone and switched fully to watch and I'm still building apps for iOS. 

My Side projects are mostly iOS apps. I love building things that keep us productive. That is why I'm building Biblogy a mobile app to track your reading progress and keep you motivated to read. Reading is something very special, and we all should do it more. This app will be for you if you want to start building a reading habit. 

One of my old side projects (maybe some of you still remember it) is LogBot. LogBot is a mobile app for makerlog. But I learned too much about the makerlog system and how it is built, so I couldn't release it without the risk of breaking any time (and that is something that I can't accept). That is why I joined wip instead of makerlog. 

I also built a budget planner, and a AI assisted shopping list, some swift playgrounds about dyslexia (and won 2x Apples WWDC contests with it) and a lot of webpages (too many to count). 

If you have any questions for me, please ask! Or if you need any help with swift / iOS related topics, feel free to contact me. 

welcome! and congrats for the awards. Look forward to see what you build next!

Welcome aboard Veit! For how long have you been ditching phones? Curious how a watch can fully replace a phone but that depends on every person's needs I guess.

👋 Hey Veit – Fellow iOS developer, sounds like some fun projects! Is Biblogy still live, I couldn't seem to load it?