From idea conception to launch in one week

Procrastination is a female dog. (wink wink)

It always took too long to build my projects. My first project took me two years, back when I was planning to be the next Zuckerberg.

I knew all about the cliches, you know, “move fast and break things”, “put yourself out there” etc, but never was able to put it into practice.

Since then I have made progress. My next project was built in 3 months, the next 2 months, then 1 month, some less.

The ‘strange’ thing is that my most “successful” product up until today was built in three days.

I caught myself going backwards again and taking two months for a product that went nowhere. That was it, I flipped out.

I pulled my socks up and started building 'GitHub Gardener'. I promised to my huge Twitter following of 30 people at the time that I was going to build and launch it in the same week.

Since then I bumped up to 50 followers. This morning I had to google “how to handle fame”.

I kept my promise, barely made the deadline but GitHub Gardener is live! That's what matters.

You can see the whole story from idea conception to launch on a single Twitter thread.

At the time of writing this article, GitHub Gardener is no. 3 on Product Hunt. This is my best launch by far!!!

I guess the cliches are real after all. 

I am sold, you have to launch fast, the scrappier I go, the better the results.